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Soviet Union

A militaristic elite

UKRAINE: What are the consequences of US and NATO expansion eastwards in Europe?

The Soviet architecture

Lukasz Stanek: Architecture in Global Socialism. Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East in the Cold War

DIPLOMACY: The Soviet Union and the Eastern European satellite states gained influence in the world through a so-called gift diplomacy that spawned streaks of architectural beauties. By Hans Henrik Fafner

Warning of the future

Sue-Alice Okukubo, Eduard Zorzenoni: Near and Elsewhere

UTOPIAS: An essayistic documentary that stretches towards future visions and utopias, but with a gloomy basic tone and inability to see any way out of the paralysis it describes.

Wild West conditions in 90's Russia

Alex Gibney: Citizen K

THE OLIGARCH: Is former Yukos chief and one of Russia's powerful oligarchs, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a villain or a dissident?

When Sweden was deceived

Ola Tunander: The Swedish submarine war

ENEMY PICTURES: What do we really know about hidden activities, power games and secret submarine operations in Swedish waters?

Heroic sacrifice for the motherland

Ksenia Okhapkina: Immortal

RUSSIA: The idea of ​​serving the motherland is still relevant as a tool for indoctrination.

Can the desire for peace win over American warlifers?

USA VS CHINA: US foreign policy elite engages in anti-Chinese rhetoric and has cut diplomacy in favor of demands.

The Cold War

: When NATO history is written in Norway, it is always the "coup in Czechoslovakia" that is the starting point. (ORIENTERING APRIL 22, 1969)

Portal to another time

: Once upon a time, the dilapidated hotel on Lake Sevan in Armenia was a fashionable place for Soviet writers. On the way into the driveway it has been 1962.

The dream of a different world

Bini Adamczak: Communism. A little story about how it will finally be different

: The fall of the Soviet Union was understood as the final victory of capitalism over communism. But there are some who want to restore it and give communism political significance today.

The uninhibited celebration of Soviet nostalgia

Sergei Loznitsa: The 'Pobedy (Victory Day)

: Unrestrained dancing and exchange of stories about ancient greatness: The 'Pobedy depicts Soviet nostalgia and pro-Russian feelings among Russian nationalists and their like-minded people.

1917 and today

: ...