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Neoliberalism as a more indirect art of governing?

Svein Hammer: Social democracy versus neoliberalism. Norwegian governing art 1814–2020

MANAGEMENT: This is a book about what neoliberalism is – also as a more indirect art of governing

The love that conquered social democracy

INTERVIEW: The German author Renate Feyl uses a historical, noble divorce case in her latest novel.

A society built on artificial intelligence

UTOPI OR FUTURE: Is artificial intelligence and automation a lifeline or a threat to society?

Spain's fascist shadow sites

: Spain's Juan Carlos I was without his own property when he became monarch in 1975. In 2012, his fortune was estimated at 1800 million euros. Where does all the money come from?

Elite liberalism + mass nationalism = true

Jean Francois Bayart: L'impasse national-libérale. Globalization and repli identitaire

: For political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalization and the development of national identity are complementary processes.

The unpleasant truth

Marielle Debos: Living by the Gun in Chad

: Living by the Gun in Chad is a real find for those who want to understand the political complexity of sub-Saharan Africa.