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Ukrainian freedom struggle or Western economic interests?

ESSAY: What values ​​are the West actually supporting in Ukraine? In order to help Ukraine with national self-government, Norwegian funds were already channeled through the EBRD from 2011, despite knowledge of extensive corruption. The Western contribution in Ukraine is probably so much about a struggle for control over enormous natural resources. Norwegian politics thus supports international big capital – oligarchs and large agro-groups already control 28 percent of Ukraine's arable land.

A willful war

LIBYA: The book Strictly confidential refers to a gloomy experience for Norwegian diplomacy in Libya. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to go to war against the country – against Defense Secretary Robert Gates' wishes. Clinton must have played a brutal double game against the Norwegians. The threat against the people of Benghazi was pure propaganda.

Palestine, Portugal, pluralism

MANAGER: When is more independent identity important, and not?