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Parliamentary elections


INTERVENTION: The Liberal Party believes that Norway should reach out to participate in military interventions, and that such operations should only, as a general rule, require a UN mandate.


NON-VIOLENCE: The MDGs identify themselves as a "peace party" and apply the principle of non-violence to all areas of its policy.


MILITARY DENIAL: According to Rødt, Norway has gone from being a "nation of peace" to becoming a "nation of war".


NATO FRIENDLY: The right emphasizes the offensive ability of the military. In the Nordic region policy, they emphasize military deterrence rather than detente.


LOW VOLTAGE: The High North is APS '«most important peace project», at the same time the defense budget will be increased, NATO strengthened and the arms industry safeguarded

KRF extension

NUCLEAR WEAPON BAN: In addition to joining the UN ban on nuclear weapons, KrF wants Norway to introduce a national moratorium on fully autonomous weapons.


OUT OF NATO: SV goes to the polls for Norway to refrain from warfare, act as a bridge builder and contribute to disarmament rather than armaments internationally. They want to enshrine a ban on nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil in the constitution.


MORE FIGHTING POWER: The FRP wants more combat power in the Norwegian defense, and opens up for financing new larger weapons systems outside the defense budgets.


PREVENTION: Violence prevention is a recurring theme in justice, education, health and social policy. At the same time, the country's military capabilities must be strengthened.