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Parliamentary elections


INTERVENTIONISM: The Liberal Party believes that Norway should reach out to participate in military interventions, and that such operations should only as a general rule require a UN mandate.


NON-VIOLENCE: MDG identifies itself as a "peace party" and bases all areas of its policy on non-violence.


MILITARY DENIAL: According to Rødt, Norway has gone from being a «peace nation» to becoming a «war nation».


NATO FRIENDLY: The right emphasizes the military's offensive ability. In the High North policy, they emphasize military deterrence rather than relaxation.


LOW VOLTAGE: The High North is APS '«most important peace project», at the same time the defense budget will be increased, NATO strengthened and the arms industry safeguarded


NUCLEAR WEAPON BAN: In addition to joining the UN ban on nuclear weapons, KrF wants Norway to introduce a national moratorium on fully autonomous weapons.


OUT OF NATO: SV goes to the polls for Norway to refrain from warfare, act as a bridge builder and contribute to disarmament rather than armaments internationally. They want to enshrine in the constitution a ban on nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil.


MORE FIGHTING POWER: FRP wants more combat power in the Norwegian defense, and opens up to finance new larger weapon systems outside the defense budgets.


PREVENTION: Violence prevention is a recurring theme in justice, education, health and social policy. At the same time, the country's military capabilities must be strengthened.