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Russia's Africa policy

AFRICA: Russia has been very keen on the principle of non-interference and has allowed authoritarian regimes to pursue their own policies without making any political demands for their trade or aid. But they gave debt relief to a number of African countries at the same time as signing several military-technical agreements.

Colorful about fatal prejudice

injustice: Superstition and prophecy provide the framework for a story in which a curse says that the main character will die before he turns twenty.

Football bans and women's matches

SUDANIC WOMEN'S FOOTBALL: When the African dream is not to meet the right, but to play on the national team.

When going to the cinema becomes a political act

SUDAN: What role can cinema play in democracy building?

A dark spot on the map

Sudanese author Jamal Mahjoub's A Line in the River provides a composite image of why so much has gone wrong in Sudan.

Decay, dictatorship and anarchy

Implementation of the South Sudan peace agreement from August seems more impossible than ever.

A ruined country

The new peace agreement will be implemented within 30 months. But is there hope for a ravaged South Sudan?