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Positive urbanization

: With green lungs, urban agriculture and respect for nature, the cities of the future will be built.

The hunt for the green

Eivind Hoff-Elimari: Gold or green forests. Politics for the good life.

: In a Norway where waste volumes are growing, topsoil is being reduced and greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, Eivind Hoff-Elimari will wake up his fellow citizens.

Urban poverty is overlooked

: Norwegian foreign and development policy neglects cities' opportunities and limitations. But the battle for sustainable development is actually in cities.

Fight against oversized meat consumption

: "We must regulate the artificial meat need we have created, and we must stop putting people at the center of everything that is going to happen," says food blogger and author of a green cookbook.


: It's a long time since vegetarianism was a strange subculture. Today, it is rather something we should all consider seriously.

Are insects the new meat? 

: Insects we once watched with disgust are now being touted as the solution to the world's food shortages. Can insects really save the world?

Power is shifted in Africa

: While the Arab Spring is marked by stagnation, there is a quiet revolution south of the Sahara.

Norwegian aid for a renewable future

: The world must have access to renewable and sustainable energy. A new report from WWF Uganda gives the Norwegian authorities an important clue as to how future energy assistance should be set up.