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BEFORE AND AFTER THE EXPLOSION: How to patch up a city

TRIPOLI / BEIRUT: One of Lebanon's most controversial directors, Lucien Bourjeily, has put the country on the international theater map through his theater productions.

Identity match in Croatia 

Nebojsa Slijepcevic: Srbenka

: Srbenka is a skilled meta-theater that involves the actors' own experiences and memories from the war in the 90s. It also provides a good insight into how daily life looks among the Serbian minority in Croatia. 

The working class is desperately trying to defend its dignity 

Didier Eribon: Theater: Return to Reims

: The French sociologist Didier Eribon's book about growing up as a gay working class child became a bestseller in Germany last year. Now Return to Reims has been staged by theater director Thomas Ostermeier.

Theater as a necessity

: To defy the political and social conditions they live under without succumbing to vulgarities and cheating, theater has become indispensable in Gaza.

Odin's theater soldiers

Elsa Kvamme: The Art of the Impossible

: Filmmaker Elsa Kvamme has previously been apprenticed to Eugenio Barba. Now his Odin Theater has turned 50, and Kvamme has returned – this time with the camera in hand.

The poet who exceeded the poetry

: Arthur Rimbaud in Oslo: This is the story of how a great poet could rise even higher: Rimbaud in Africa can represent a turning point in literary history. 

Essential theater

: The theater shows our own confusion in a confused time. It gives one orienteringsmall for existence, believes the philosopher Alain Badiou.