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Palestine, Portugal, pluralism

MANAGER: When is more independent identity important, and not?

The parliament voted against postponing the demolition of the Y-block

Y-BLOCK: "The seminar must end", said Nicolai Astrup (H) in the Storting today, referring to the fact that the Y-block must now be fully discussed. MODERN TIMES follows the fate of the Y-block.

The pain, the uncertainty and the forgetfulness

Y-BLOCK: The perspective on the symbolic value of the Y-block has changed in the time since the demolition decision, without it having dawned on key politicians.


21. 2. 1970: Leather

New times for war and evil

: – Time to prevent more use of biological warfare, autonomous weapon systems and mercenaries.

Freedom of expression, extremism and the role of the media

Elisabeth Eide, Kristin Skare Orgeret, Nil Mutluer: Transnational Othering – Global Diversities Media, Extremism and Free Expression

DIFFERENCE: An anthology that addresses important topics such as freedom of expression, globalization, extremism, minorities and inequality in the world, but many of the authors want too much.

Marawi: The Filipino jihadists' Sherwood 

: The fight the militant Muslims are fighting in the Philippines is not about establishing an Islamic state, but first and foremost about creating a just state, a young Filipino jihadist tells Ny Tid.

Why are we so afraid of terror?

Steffen Andersen and Hans Jørgen Nielsen: farligt

: Dangerous is an easy-to-read and good book about the causes of all our unfounded fears.

They are careless

Eric Pope: Utøya 22. juli

: Poppe's feature film paves the way for care and a new focus on the survivors of the Utøya tragedy.

Saudi Arabia's terror war on human rights

: Norway's partner in the war on terror is leading by keeping quiet about the votes needed to overcome it.  

The terrorist at the hotel

: When we thought we had seen everything, Turkish authorities began to swing to new heights.

Terror with endless aftermath 

: CHRONICLE: Was the terrorist attack in Barcelona the Spanish government's failed attempt to prevent Catalan independence?

"Obviously 9 / 11 was a blast," Ketcham says

11. September: What Destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001? There are many indications that it was a controlled demolition, experts believe.

USA: The debate that never took place

Media: It is actually possible to discuss what really happened on September 11, 2001 – in a sober way.

Less monitoring, more humanity

: Why is surveillance presented as the solution to the terrorist threat?

In the pockets of the billionaires

: "The war on terror" keeps journalists employed and the population quiet, at the same time as the rearmament of the war brings enormous gains – to a few.