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When there is politics in the courtroom

Duncan McCargo: Fighting for Virtue. Justice and Politics in Thailand

A powerful elite in Thailand – Myanmar's neighbor – has been trying to resolve the country's political problems with the courts for the past decade, which has only exacerbated the situation. In a new book, Duncan McCargo warns against "legalization."

Open and critical about the work of the CIA

Amaryllis Fox: Life Undercover – Coming of Age in the CIA

CIA agent Amaryllis Fox developed algorithms that predict terrorism, and tells about the CIA's working methods in its startling and exciting biography.

Slave operation on the high seas

Shannon Service, Jeffrey Waldron: Ghost Fleet

The Thai mafia is tricking or kidnapping men who end up as slave laborers on fishing skates. A female activist is fighting for the fishermen's life.

Pending Thai new elections

While the sun is shining on Thailand's sandy beaches, the political storm is never far away.