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Trond Skaftnesmo

Is there any reason to rejoice over the coronary vaccine?

Trond Skaftnesmo: Vaccine coercion in the shadow of the corona crisis

COVID-19: There is no real skepticism from the public sector about the coronary vaccine – vaccination is recommended, and the people are positive about the vaccine. But is the embrace of the vaccine based on an informed decision or a blind hope for a normal everyday life?

What we can't talk about in Norway

Trond Skaftnesmo: TABUTEMA 911

9/11: The truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001 has not yet been clarified. But the insight that Skaftnesmo conveys is solid enough to state that an attack by plane was not enough to bring the three World Trade Center buildings down.

The magic word that shatters the debate 

: "I'm not into conspiracy theories, except the ones that are true or involve dentists." Michael Moore