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The biggest narcissist in the room

John Bolton: The Room Where It Happened

JUMPED OFF: Former security adviser John Bolton hurries to shape his legacy, while securing plenty of enemies with his revelations from the White House.

Freedom, dignity and hope

GAZA: MODERN TIMES meets different voices in Gaza today: About the United States' new plan, and conditions on the ground.

USA: It's Going Down!

THE PROTESTS IN THE USA:: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, LA, Louisville, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Oregon, Richmond, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Washington. A response to the structural violence the poor are exposed to.

After the EU elections: Europe – what now?

GREEN CHOICE: In the future, border control, defense policy and climate will be some of the most important tasks for the European Parliament, which has now been filled by representatives of the Greens.

Chaos always triumphs over order

ASSANGE: WikiLeaks is a puritanical illusion.

I'm Julian

ASSANGE: Ultimately, it is about the right and moral duty to expose war crimes.

About Donald, Vladimir and…

Timothy Snyder: The Road to Unfreedom

: Timothy Snyder is convincing in his explanation of how our worldview has been replaced by a "national understanding".

Damning rhetoric

: The media demonization of North Korea has made us stupider. What will the world say when the devil Kim and the crazy Trump receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

End of the peace process?

: The United States has decided to no longer deal with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a diplomatic body, while Trump threatens to cut all support for the UN aid organization for Palestinian refugees. Now the US Embassy in Israel has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Is the peace process over?

Eight years in power

Ta-Nehisi Coates: We Were Eight Years in Power. And American Tragedy.

: Barack Obama's eight years as America's first black president indirectly paved the way for the country's "first white" president, according to one of America's most influential African-American writers.

US left wing on wild roads

Mark Lilla: The Once and Future Liberal. After Identity Politics

: American identity politicians have no strategy and want none either. They just want to express themselves and increasingly radicalize themselves.

Handmaid's Tale light

Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing: One of Us

: A lot is at stake in this thriller from reality.

Soul Friends or Arch Enemies?

: It is doubtful whether Trump's presidency is based on Ayn Rand's philosophy.

Fear as entertainment

Jay Rosenblatt: Scared Very Scared

: Fear that entertainment sells and is a well-used Hollywood brand. Fear as entertainment within the socially critical political film, on the other hand, is in short supply.

Praise and circus while democracy dies

Vincent F. Hendricks and Mads Vestergård: Fake News. When reality loses

: ...

Campaigns from Trump countries

Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians (eds.) / Markos Moulitsas and Michael Huttner: What We Do Now? Standing Up for Your Values ​​in Trump's America / The Resistance Handbook. 45 Ways to Fight Trump

: The shock that followed the American election is about to subside. Now it must be traded.