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"The Trumpocene"

Petzel Gallery: We Need to Talk ... Artists and the Public Respond to the Present Conditions in America

: After Donald Trump won the presidential election, the staff at the Petzel Gallery in New York gathered some of the most renowned artists of the day to fight.

Trump as the left's birth assistant

Michael Bolt: Trump's counter-revolution

: Trump could lead to the formation of a vital and far-left party in the United States.

Donald Trump's Norwegian running guys in Afghanistan

: Why is the debate about Norway's war participation and arms trade almost absent? 

"Trump, the whole Trump and nothing but the Trump"?

: Under a dark cloud of vulgar Donald Trump, it seems that it has become free to bluff. To all. 

New course when Kennedy takes over?

: The prophecies are many and answered when Donald Trump these days is ravaging the White House. What wrote Orientering in advance of John F. Kennedy's oath in 1961?

USA in free fall

: The United States as a superpower will cease faster under Trump, according to Johan Galtung.

The war on women

: It's serious now: The freedom-loving United States is about to deprive millions of women of the freedom to decide over their own bodies.

Sioux victory with a taste 

: The developers could not stop the Lakota Indians' tireless fight against the oil pipeline "The Black Snake". What happens after Donald Trump is inaugurated this month?

Trump, the pictures and politics

: As early as the 1930s, Walter Benjamin described how politics takes place in pictures. In Trump's age, there is no longer a difference between television series and politics.

The King of the Kremlin

: A brave Russian voice balances the moral authority of Americans.



Trump's militarism 

: The military industry is the big winner of this year's presidential election – both in the US and internationally. 

The Divine Land

: Hold your nose and vote for Clinton – everything is better than Trump. This seems to be the generally accepted attitude in large parts of the American media landscape. The truth is that Clinton is going to continue a steady course towards a very dangerous world.