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Permanent state of emergency

ESSAY: Power goes out, exchange rates fluctuate, bread prices explode, fuel disappears. There are also still traces of the explosion. Yet Beirut's hard-pressed citizens time and again manage to find a foothold in chaos. And the chaos is contributing to Beirut never becoming a clean-up city.

A place everyone wants to see, but no one wants to protect

Petra Reski: As I once fell into the Grand Canal. From Life in Venice

VENEZIA: The high tide in Venice – up to 1,87 meters – is man-made, just like the huge technical flood barriers are described as a giant scam.

In the time of the corona: Tourists and roommates

TOURIST OR REFUGEE?: It is first and foremost the role as "tourists" that we experience the strict corona measures. For the wanderers, there are small changes. Can a crisis also revitalize renewed solidarity?