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TV series

Ground Fascism

: The Plot Against America

ANTISEMITTISM: Although it depicts an alternative story about the United States during World War II, The Plot Against America paints a frighteningly realistic picture of how fascist ideology can play out in practice.

Strolling spy crime

Phoebe Waller-Bridge: Killing Eve (Based on The Vilanelle Novels by Luke Jennings)

: The British TV series Killing Eve stands out in the amount of crime series, with its driving and playful plot, cinematic paraphrases and untraditional stylistic choices.

The kingdom's guru – from utopia to bioterrorism and paranoia

Chapman and Maclain Way: Wild Wild Country

: The disturbing and exciting TV documentary series Wild Wild Country has already managed to become a pop cultural phenomenon. The reference to The Wild West signals wild and terrifying events.

An ordinary day at the intelligence office

Eric Rochant: The Office

: The agency series Le Bureau takes place in a recognizable political reality, where knowledge is both power and a tradable commodity – in addition to focusing on the French intelligence service as a workplace. 

Hang the disc jockey, burn the disco 

Charlie Brooker: Black Mirror season 4

: Black Mirror season 4 consists of six stand-alone episodes with independent action sequences, but with strongly converging themes. These are projections of the intended and unintended effects of technological gadgets, and these conflicts create at both the micro and macro level.

Training in class consciousness

Jonathan Nolan, Neil Marshall and others: Westworld. HBO.

: Through the HBO series Westworld you can train on class awareness.