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The military-industrial complex

MODERN TIMES CONVERSATIONS: From someone who should know the intricacies of foreign policy and geopolitics: Thorbjørn Jagland on military rearmament and enemy images – when it comes to the USA, Russia, China, Turkey, and Libya.

Being threatened with death can make most people keep a low profile

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The opportunity to say something is always very limited, says MODERN TIMES 'regular writer in this essay about different authorities' use of force. Away from today's mass media, an "underground" network of intellectuals has now emerged, including experienced journalists, intelligence officers, renowned professors and politicians.

The art of not being a terrorist

ESSAY: The ceiling height has suddenly become dangerously low – it is taboo to talk about terror.

National sentiment becomes shop

Kitchen Ergun: Heroes

GALLIPOLI: The commemorations of the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during the First World War provide fertile ground for both nationalism and business.

Before you know it, you're a terrorist

TERRORIST LIST: One otherwise uneventful late summer day, I received a message in my inbox that I was listed on a Turkish list of alleged terrorists.

Underground rock in Kabul

Travis Beard: RocKabul

AFGHANSK METAL: The story of the emergence of the first Afghan metal band – and the subsequent fall under the weight of an ultra-conservative society.

Blue light for human rights

TURKEY: The Erdogan government reaches a new human rights low with the requirement of life sentences for 16 prominent civilian leaders.

Dreams and daily life in the countryside

Nuri Bilge Ceylan: The Wild Pear Tree (Ahlat Agaci)

TURKISH FILM: Nuri Bilge Ceylan follows up the Cannes winner Winter Sleep with a new drama about credible characters in everyday situations – without the result being trivial.

The legacy of Atatürk

Halil Karaveli: Why Turkey is Authoritarian. From Atatürk to Erdogan

: The man who founded Turkey as a modern state in 1923 did so on authoritarian terms. Thus, Erdogan and Atatürk are just two cubits out of one piece, Halil Karaveli claims.

Sparkling new talents in Edinburgh

Léa Luiz de Oliveira and Nisan Yetkin / Carina Haouchine: I Don't Want to Call It Home / Ululation

: The Edinburgh International Film Festival introduces fresh talent and new voices during this year's festival, while reflecting on Edinburgh's cultural diversity. 

Women raise their voice in Turkey 

: The international women's film festival Filmmor in Turkey may be seen as a drop in a male-dominated sea, but it is part of a feminist current that is growing in strength and scope.

From ballerina to "terrorist"

: Asli Erdogan

: The Norwegian Writers' Association's Freedom of Expression Award has just been awarded to Aslı Erdogan – who more than any other author has become the symbol of the catastrophic development in today's Turkey. She refuses to give in despite persistent harassment, persecution and imprisonment, and still insists that the only solution to lasting peace is through reconciliation.