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Russia without Putin

Tony Wood: Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the Cold War

RUSSIA: One day Putin will leave the Kremlin – but that will not change anything, writes Tony Wood in his book on power and continuity in today's Russia, where he attacks several well-known myths.

The oil industry is the root of all evil

Rachel Maddow: Blowout

MONEY AND OIL: If you mix corruption and rogue states with the richest and most destructive industry in the world – the oil industry – the result is an explosive mix.

The Chernobyl disaster – a Soviet science fiction?

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THE ATOMIC DISASTER: As a magnificent docu-fiction, the miniseries Chernobyl is now shown on HBO. The series reveals that the Soviet authorities took a misunderstood line of reassurance. But the same thing happened in Norway.

Travel letter from Crimea – one year after

: We rejoice with the people of Crimea that the gloomy image presented in the Western media does not correspond to reality.

Alternative Crimean history

Vladimir Konstantinov: To Go One's Own Way

: On the secession from Ukraine and the West's sanctions seen through the eyes of Crimea.

The close relations of big relationships

Vitaly Man: Close Relations (Rodnye)

: By portraying the filmmaker's own family, Close Relations captures many aspects of the conflict in Ukraine.

A hundred years of patience

Serjij Zjadan: Anarchy in the UKR

: Anarchy in The UKR takes the reader on a dreamy journey from the revolution in 1917 to the current conflict in Eastern Ukraine. 

Which right?

Askold Kurov: The Trial: The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov.

: The documentary about the trial of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov provides an insight into a still hopeless judiciary in Russia.