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Russia without Putin

Tony Wood: Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the Cold War

RUSSIA: One day Putin will leave the Kremlin – but that will not change anything, writes Tony Wood in his book on power and continuity in today's Russia, where he attacks several well-known myths.

The oil industry is the root of all evil

Rachel Maddow: Blowout

MONEY AND OIL: If you mix corruption and rogue states with the richest and most destructive industry in the world – the oil industry – the result is an explosive mix.

The conflict in Ukraine

Sergei Loznitsa: Donbass

: Loznitsa's film explores disputes over facts raging in the Donbass, between Ukraine and the Russia – backed People's Republic of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

Everyday challenges in a pro-Russian battalion in Ukraine

: Their Own Republic caused a bit of a stir at the Lisbon Film Festival last year, due to the film's somewhat pro-Russian stance. Nevertheless, it provides an interesting insight into a side of the Ukrainian conflict that is rarely mentioned in Western media.

Europe needs security for Russia, and security with Russia

: What can the Western bloc do to improve the cool relationship with the great power in the east, asks Manfred Huterer, diplomat at the German embassy in Warsaw. Is an open dialogue and mutual respect between the West and Russia possible?

From the Pearl of the Black Sea to a political game piece

Director Oleksandr Techynsky, Director Alisa Kovalenko: Delta, Home Games

: Odessa's international film festival was naturally influenced by political themes this year.

A lively echo from a war zone 

Lukasz Lakomy, Veronika Glasunowa: Long Echo

: Following a Tanzanian taxi driver in a small town in the Donetsk province of Ukraine, Long Echo presents a new view of a story that has virtually disappeared from the daily news reports in European media.

War for peace 

Jevhen Titarenko: War for Peace

: War for Peace shows strong footage from the line of fire in a conflict without winners.

Looking beyond the borders

Simon Lereng Wilmont / Hogir Hirori and Shinwar Kamal: The Distant Barking of Dogs / The Deminer

: Danish The Distant Barking of Dogs depicts a ten-year-old boy growing up on the front lines in Ukraine, while Swedish The Deminer is about a deminer in IS-ravaged Iraq. 

The paradox of liberalism

Fragil Equilibrio: Delicate Balance.

: With Uruguay's former president as commentator, Delicate Balance puts the growing inequality and the global power of the market in a larger context.

Meisingset's misinformation about Ukraine

: Arve Meisingset deserves praise for the fact that in the latest issue of Ny Tid he addresses a number of erroneous allegations about the conflict in Ukraine. The problem is that Meisingset itself is responsible for this misinformation. 

Massive misinformation about Ukraine

: A call to the Norwegian media: Can you please investigate further what really happened in Kiev in February almost three years ago?