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A lively echo from a war zone 

Lukasz Lakomy, Veronika Glasunowa: Long Echo

: Following a Tanzanian taxi driver in a small town in the Donetsk province of Ukraine, Long Echo presents a new view of a story that has virtually disappeared from the daily news reports in European media.

War for peace 

Jevhen Titarenko: War for Peace

: War for Peace shows strong footage from the line of fire in a conflict without winners.

Looking beyond the borders

Simon Lereng Wilmont / Hogir Hirori and Shinwar Kamal: The Distant Barking of Dogs / The Deminer

: Danish The Distant Barking of Dogs depicts a ten-year-old boy growing up on the front lines in Ukraine, while Swedish The Deminer is about a deminer in IS-ravaged Iraq. 

The paradox of liberalism

Fragil Equilibrio: Delicate Balance.

: With Uruguay's former president as commentator, Delicate Balance puts the growing inequality and the global power of the market in a larger context.

Meisingset's misinformation about Ukraine

: Arve Meisingset deserves praise for the fact that in the latest issue of Ny Tid he addresses a number of erroneous allegations about the conflict in Ukraine. The problem is that Meisingset itself is responsible for this misinformation. 

Massive misinformation about Ukraine

: A call to the Norwegian media: Can you please investigate further what really happened in Kiev in February almost three years ago? 

With 26 minorities, Ukraine is already cosmopolitan

: We are talking about the deeper people's soul in Ukraine, about the importance of literature, about pluralism and the relationship between Russians and Ukrainians. Ny Tid met the country's famous author Andrej Kurkov.

Putin's power base – unwavering or shaky?

: How does an election take place under a regime that considers democracy a threat to peace and stability?

Four civilians were killed by artillery as they queued to get out of Donetsk

: As the war in eastern Ukraine enters its third year, the weapons are heavier and the losses more than in many months. 

When freedom of speech becomes war propaganda

: What happens when it is no longer possible to distinguish between news reporting and propaganda? Russian media 'spread of hatred in eastern Ukraine has become an essential part of the war machine. 

Ukraine – a new banana republic?

: Well over NOK 100 billion is stolen annually from the state budget by corrupt officials. The Ukrainian population is becoming increasingly poorer – but an exception to the trend is Ukraine's sixth richest man, President Petro Poroshenko.

Two books on Ukraine

: To understand the complicated and serious situation that is taking place in the heart of Europe, Richard Sakwa's Frontline Ukraine should be a preferred choice.