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Russian nuclear weapons in Crimea?

: Former political prisoner and dissident Mustafa Dzhemilev tells Ny Tid about the fight against the occupation of Crimea, his relationship with Russia and why he received the Nansen Medal. Today, he is the political leader of the 280 Crimean Tatar ethnic group. 

Fear of civil war

: Ukraine's literary star shot Serhij Zjadan believes the country's political leadership has failed society. It could lead to more blood in the streets of Kiev.

Was it Russia? – Ukraine is sued

: Why is Børge Brende so sure that it was Russia that shot down the Malaysian passenger plane in 2014? 

"Someone controls, but we don't know who"

: Norway's ambassador to Ukraine emphasizes that unlike in other post-Soviet states, civil society in Ukraine – both the media, the volunteers and human rights workers – has been behind the changes that are forcing their way into the country.

From Kiev: A new era for Ukraine?

"They were shot like animals," one of the founders of the Euromaidan movement, Olexandra Matviichuk, told Ny Tid. The authorities' strategy was to radicalize those who protested. We are talking about the uprising, the volunteers, the government and Russian propaganda.

Human rights under one roof

: What significance does a human rights house have in the current conflicts in Ukraine?

Ukraine and the fascist threat

: UKRAINE: In early July, the paramilitary fascist organization Right Sector was involved in an exchange of gunfire with Ukrainian police. Now they are threatening to make a revolution and put the president before the Supreme Court. How serious is the fascist threat in Ukraine?