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On the relationship between poetry and philosophy

PHILOSOPHY: In the book The Poetics of Reason, Stefán Snævarr goes against a too strict concept of rationality: To live rationally is not only to find the best means to realize one's goals, but also to make life meaningful and coherent. Parts of this work should enter all disciplines concerned with models, metaphors and narratives.

Two testaments over life

Hell: Is it possible to simultaneously touch on four major themes, such as sin and evil, the desire for knowledge and conquest, relationships and competition, or the fear of death itself? Let me try in this essay – about Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Dante.

No breeding time for predators anymore?

The government continues to hunt for critically endangered animals in Norway. A proposal for extended wolf hunting time – from 25. September to 30. April – has just been out for a hearing. Here, the Ministry of the Environment signals that they think it is okay to hunt for animals during the breeding season.