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Lost in translation

Zachariah Kunuk: One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk

ABORIGINES: Tromsø International Film Festival's opening film is a minimalist but in-depth study of the cultural collision between Inuit and the authorities in Canada.

An extraordinary and endangered life

Alexei Vakhrushev: The Book of the Sea (Kniga morya)

Yupik-Inuit: The Book of the Sea is a mesmerizingly beautiful close-up study of a way of life that disappears in step with the melting of the poles, and shows a side of Russia we have hardly seen before.

The deadly soyamafia

Fernando E. Solanas: A Journey to the Fumigated

: A Journey to the Fumigated Towns shows the pollution and extinction that threatens Argentina's indigenous people, caused by the soy industry.

A shaman's return

Luiz Bolognese: Ex-Shaman

: Ex-Shaman is not only a film about Western influence on the indigenous way of life in Brazil, but also a touching portrait of a shaman's struggle with his past and present identity.

The Indians' last fight?

: A Norwegian-funded, controversial oil pumping has led to an Indian uprising in the United States.