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US policy

Palm increases Vietnam support – US economic reprisals?

ORIENTERING 11.10.1969: After Sweden has decided to provide comprehensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US sanctions start a new round.

The US plans were real – but the defense minister still won't respond

ORIENTERING 6. SEPTEMBER 1969: On Monday last week, the West German magazine "Stern" reported that it had received a secret American plan for e.g. ABC warfare in Europe. It states in detail how nuclear, chemical and biological weapons will be used in both Western and Eastern Europe. According to Arbeiderbladet, this has attracted "considerable attention" on the continent.

What we can't talk about in Norway

Trond Skaftnesmo: TABUTEMA 911

9/11: The truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001 has not yet been clarified. But the insight that Skaftnesmo conveys is solid enough to state that an attack by plane was not enough to bring the three World Trade Center buildings down.