Theater of Cruelty


The legacy of Skjervheim

PHILOSOPHY: How could Hans Skjervheim know that choices, which he himself believes to be free, are not already programmed by the unconscious, by fate, or precisely by heredity or environment?

5G can promote the UN's sustainability goals

POVERTY: 5G opens up countless opportunities in distance education and education.

This is how "Generation educated" becomes a reality

EDUCATION: Sustainable decline in international education aid deprives half of all children in developing countries – about 800 million – the education they need to secure meaningful work in the future.

A tribute to the strong immigrant mothers

CONTEMPORARY HISTORY: Out of the Shadows tells of the harsh equality struggle for immigrant mothers who followed their husbands to Norway in the hope of a better life, but who were met with xenophobia, racism and prejudice.

Afghan girl power

If you want to run a girls' school in Afghanistan, you may need to check the water supply for poison every morning. Is it worth it?