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Ecological Economics and Utopian Laws

Ove Daniel Jakobsen: Ecological Economics – A perspective from the future

ECO-ECONOMY: Economics professor Ove Daniel Jakobsen is as wild in thought as Nordland's nature is wild and diverse. In his 12th book, utopias will save us.

«The wild thinking»

AUTHORS: Ursula K. Le Guin – outspoken anarchist, feminist, visionary and prophet.

Axel Jensen – from the tuxedo to the stove

Torgrim Eggen: Axel. From the tuxedo to the oven – the story of Axel Jensen

AXEL JENSEN: Torgrim Eggen balances in a reading party of a biography on a tight line between Axel Jensen's life and work.

A society built on artificial intelligence

UTOPI OR FUTURE: Is artificial intelligence and automation a lifeline or a threat to society?

Peace, freedom and everything for free

Ruther Bregman: Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There

: Utopia for Realists combines the best of the utopian tradition with practical and sensible thinking.

The Agamben and the Ethics of Abstinence

Giorgio Agamben: Community to come

: The community to come is a learned, rich, complex and sometimes obscure text. Here and there it borders on the mystery: Agamben empties the ram of a patriarchal God the Father with one hand and re-establishes with Spinoza the divinity of all things with the other, before pulling it all back into the profane, and then holding the "solution." a trembling aura, ahead of us.

Economics in a healthy ecosystem

Ove Jakobsen: Transformative Ecological Economics

: An economy where production, consumption and recycling are linked in a balanced "food chain", is the solution to the ecological crisis, according to economist Ove Jakobsen.

Between the ideal state and the mall

: Author Abensour goes back to Benjamin and More to remind us what it means to think that another world is possible.

The future as the yardstick of all things

: Thomas More's book Utopia turns 500 years old this year. Ny Tid uses the opportunity to celebrate this still radical masterpiece. 

Back to Utopia

: Utopia inspired both communism and utopian socialism.

Everyday Utopias

Frederick Jameson: An American Utopia

: Political opposition exists in existing institutions and in everyday life, says Frederick Jameson.