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Saudi women's struggle mediated with soap aesthetics

Haifa al-Mansour: The Perfect Candidate / Maryam

CLOSED SOCIETY: The struggle for equality and justice in a gender-segregated everyday life is the theme of al-Mansour's fourth feature film Maryam, an "adult version" of the first movie Wadjda.

UN Security Council Resolution1325 – equally relevant today

COLOMBIA: Three years after the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP, the picture is not very encouraging. Nevertheless, both individual women and women's organizations dare to stand up and contribute to openness and improvement.

Is Donald Trump fascist?

: He plays on the fear and doom that characterizes American society. But does it make sense to call him a fascist?

Programmatic programs

: There is hardly any overwhelming reading, but lax language and high phrase density notwithstanding: Give the party programs a chance in the run-up to the election.