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A place everyone wants to see, but no one wants to protect

Petra Reski: As I once fell into the Grand Canal. From Life in Venice

VENEZIA: The high tide in Venice – up to 1,87 meters – is man-made, just like the huge technical flood barriers are described as a giant scam.

Israel – a utopia?

Omri Boehm: Israel – a utopia?

ISRAEL: The German-Israeli author Omri Boehm has a past in Israeli secret services. He wants us to put the Nakba – the violent expulsion of around 700 000 Palestinians – on a par with the Holocaust.

Freedom, dignity and hope

GAZA: MODERN TIMES meets different voices in Gaza today: About the United States' new plan, and conditions on the ground.

Palestine in our century

Palestine Annex: The magazine Palestine in our century has both a current and historical perspective on # Middle East #'s long nuclear conflict over Palestine. Although it is well known, it is often with little detailed knowledge.

Their prosperity is based on our poverty

Julia Dahr: HUMAN 2018: Thank You For The Rain

: Kenyan Kisilu Musya goes from being a father and farmer in the global south to traveling the world as an activist in the global north in this documentary by Julia Dahr.