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Norway and the war in Yemen

: Without the people of Norway being aware of it, Norwegian politicians approve the sale of weapons and ammunition to oppressive dictatorships that systematically kill civilians in Yemen. 

Info war and arms purchases

: EU and NATO leaders point out that they want to strengthen military cooperation. Will it lead to increased militarization of Europe?

Arms trade

: "The Shadow World" is based on Andrew Feinstein's journalistic excavation work on the West's enormous arms trade and arms production.

In the pockets of the billionaires

: "The war on terror" keeps journalists employed and the population quiet, at the same time as the rearmament of the war brings enormous gains – to a few.

The Hiroshima bomb forgot victims

: The miners who extracted the uranium used in the bomb suffered major radiation damage. Yet they are forgotten when the victims are honored.

An internal arms race 

: Based on an interactive installation and the American police, respectively, two documentaries at the Bergen International Film Festival address the ever-expanding arms industry. 

«Norwegian authorities lack spine»

: The situation in Yemen is worrying. Nevertheless, Norway still sells weapons to the parties. "I am shocked at the scale of the abuses perpetrated by warring parties," said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a recent report on children and armed conflict. 

How many nuclear weapons can withstand the globe? 

: We live in a world where a large number of nuclear weapons are ready to be fired. But what does a filmmaker like Peter Greenaway have to say about that?

Is World War III already underway?

: The father is not Trump, but Hillary Clinton, who represents a totalitarian system with a liberal face. Now the mini-atomic bombs are next.

As the sun fell over Hiroshima

: Through the filmmaker's own family history, The Day the Sun Fell tells of the consequences of the atomic bombing of Japan – a national trauma constantly associated with stigma and lack of knowledge in the Kingdom of the Sun. 

War crimes with Norwegian ammunition?

: The war in Yemen has led to the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. All the warring parties are responsible for war crimes, according to the UN. Nevertheless, Norway continues to export weapons to the parties.