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"Norway helps dictators"

: "Sad, but not surprising," says Wojoud Mejalli, award-winning activist and journalist from Yemen about the Norwegian arms sale.

Increased military consumption in 2015

: After several years of reduced military spending, spending on military use increased by one percent – to $ 1676 billion – in 2015.

Is VG published by NATO?

: Verdens Gang is Norway's most read newspaper. The newspaper sets the agenda, and shapes and dominates Norwegian political debate. Then it is a pity that the newspaper's defense and foreign policy profile is so uncritical that one would think the newspaper is published by NATO or the Pentagon. 

More money for fighter jets and overseas missions

: This year's defense budget entails an increase in expenditure of 9,8 per cent compared with 2015. But does the budget increase contribute to strengthening defense capacity when almost everything goes to the purchase of new fighter jets?

Wash, arms industry

: When Norway was on arms shopping in the heart of London together with countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, the USA and Korea, an artist stood outside and tried to evoke an attentive view of the world.

Drones: A small piece of Norway

: The threshold for killing someone is smaller when you do not have to see the person you kill. New leaks have revealed the brutality of the US drone program.