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arms industry

New threat images, war in Europe – and the defense of the future

All hindsight notwithstanding – the Russian #invasion# came hard on the vast majority of us. In terms of peace policy, we were also ill-prepared for it...

Arms exports: A shameful political theater

WAR INDUSTRY:When the oil age is over, we can survive war – if we turn right. Drama series Made in Norway raises ethical issues for the Norwegian arms industry.

Lying and truthfulness


Our dear NATO

MANAGER: Unfortunately, most people want to live under NATO protection – in a self-deception of ignorance.

Kills per dollar

Ny Tid prints here an excerpt from Dag Hoel's new book, Fred is not the best – from inside the Norwegian ammunition industry. The book is about Hoel's upbringing close to Raufoss Ammunition Factories AS and international arms trade in general.

Into the lion's den

The weapons industry is worse today than ever, but there is hope, says Andrew Feinstein, author of the book behind the movie Shadow World.

Game of Drones

While the fight against nuclear weapons has always received a great deal of media attention, the fight against the killing robots goes silently.