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In the time of the corona: Tourists and roommates

TOURIST OR REFUGEE?: It is first and foremost the role as "tourists" that we experience the strict corona measures. For the wanderers, there are small changes. Can a crisis also revitalize renewed solidarity?

Saudi women's struggle mediated with soap aesthetics

Haifa al-Mansour: The Perfect Candidate / Maryam

CLOSED SOCIETY: The struggle for equality and justice in a gender-segregated everyday life is the theme of al-Mansour's fourth feature film Maryam, an "adult version" of the first movie Wadjda.

The tragic mafia

VENEZIA: Mafia and corruption were recurring themes in several films at the Venice Film Festival in September. But why are so many attracted to power, when it so easily corrupts over time?

The fire victims of corruption

Alexander Nanau: Collective

Venice's best documentary?:

Venice Biennial: What happens when man is no longer the center?

: PHOTO ART: This year's art biennial in Venice shows us a different world, more tangled, disturbing, strange and fragile at the same time. From each room, vibrating lines are drawn between disaster and collapse, colonialism and belonging, man and machine.