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Salute to murderers

Speaking of heads of state: Here are some of the darkest chapters in Norwegian press history in the intimate flirtation with fascism in the thirties – where Adolf Hitler's rise to power was welcomed. Moreover, later, a Norwegian prime minister paid tribute to Nixon, while the United States was behind abuse after abuse.

Wallraff: "Assange has become a scapegoat"

Assange"It is incomprehensible that an undermining of the rule of law to such an extent can take place in a democracy like Sweden," says Günter Wallraff in a conversation with MODERN TIMES about the Julian Assange case. And adds: "The death sentence is as good as handed down."

Before World War III

: Report from Hanoi. Books about Vietnam.


ORIENTERING 6.12.1969:

Palm increases Vietnam support – US economic reprisals?

ORIENTERING 11.10.1969: After Sweden has decided to provide comprehensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US sanctions start a new round.

Looking back at the world's biggest hippie party

Barak Goodman: Woodstock

WOODSTOCK: The American television company PBS has produced a new documentary about one of the key events in modern American history.

Burn proudly

ORIENTERING 31. May 1969: What about napalm to Vietnam?

The word that kills

MOUTH BASKET: Abuse of power, war of aggression and mass murder are today carried out without anyone lifting a finger, since all criticism is dismissed as "conspiracy theory".

Vietnam Week from 14. – 20. October: Large program of 50 locations around the country

: ORIENTERING OCTOBER 1968: We must not forget Vietnam, and we have not forgotten Vietnam. That is why the Solidarity Committee is arranging a large Vietnam week with a meeting, demonstrations, distribution and sale of materials all over the country in the coming week. Vietnam is not so modern in some respects online now, which is why it is so important to remember the struggle of the Vietnamese people.

The Liberal Dilemma

: ORIENTERING OCTOBER 1968: Hans Skjervheim's new book The Liberal Dilemma and other essays deserves a certain prevalence for obvious political reasons. Some will receive it with insults, accompany it with choirs, and bury it with a parable or a political sketch. Others will declare it well-known, label it as past, passé and thus confirm its criticism. Some will think that it is precisely for this reason that it is a very useful book, writes Øyvind Østerud in his review, among other things.

Who is Ho Chi Minh?

: Orientering 24.2.1968

Happy year for Vietnam

: ...

The false peace

: What do they mean the dangers or sacrifices a single man or a single people must go through, when the fate of all mankind is at stake?

I must break the silence!

: In the Riverside Church in New York, civil rights activist Martin Luther King gave this speech on April 4, 50 years ago, in which he clearly distanced himself from the Vietnam War. The speech was aimed at the Americans themselves, and led to him losing the FBI guard he had received after many death threats. On the day one year later, he was shot and killed. The speech, translated by John Y. Jones, is greatly abbreviated here.