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On the relationship between poetry and philosophy

PHILOSOPHY: In the book The Poetics of Reason, Stefán Snævarr goes against a too strict concept of rationality: To live rationally is not only to find the best means to realize one's goals, but also to make life meaningful and coherent. Parts of this work should enter all disciplines concerned with models, metaphors and narratives.

The actual nature

ECOLOGY: Ove Jacobsen has created an overview of 55 different green thinkers. In the book we can read that we must move from an anthropocentric to an ecocentric perspective – so that solidarity, cooperation and compassion include all forms of life.

Berlin stinks

Berlinale: There really was something behind the films at the Berlinale this year.

The Child Mafia in Naples

Roberto Saviano's latest novel is no fiction. It is a true-to-life report of a society that, to date, has not been able to take hold of itself.