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freedom of speech

Destructive criticism of Sweden

Nils Melzer: The Julian Assange Case

Assange: Bureaucratic co-criminals – this is how a new book by Nils Melzer describes Sweden's handling of Julian Assange. Swedish Stina Oscarson reviews – and is ashamed.

"The people will be led"

Immanuel Kant: The freedom of philosophy

PHILOSOPHY: Is freedom of speech a matter for scholars? Are Trump and QAnon entitled to free speech? There is much to suggest that Kant would answer no to this question.

Bjørneboe celebration with film and debate

JUBILEE: Join the debate after the documentary The problem of evil, and see the celebration that took place at Røverstaden about Bjørneboe's life and life's work.

Despite the pornography

: Sigurd Evensmo about Bjørneboes Without a Thread. Orientering No. 37, 1966

Being threatened with death can make most people keep a low profile

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The opportunity to say something is always very limited, says MODERN TIMES 'regular writer in this essay about different authorities' use of force. Away from today's mass media, an "underground" network of intellectuals has now emerged, including experienced journalists, intelligence officers, renowned professors and politicians.

"A murderous system is being created"

ASSANGE: "If Julian Assange is convicted, a murderous system is about to arise right before our eyes. It will be the death knell for freedom of the press and the rule of law, "said Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Freedom of expression, extremism and the role of the media

Elisabeth Eide, Kristin Skare Orgeret, Nil Mutluer: Transnational Othering – Global Diversities Media, Extremism and Free Expression

DIFFERENCE: An anthology that addresses important topics such as freedom of expression, globalization, extremism, minorities and inequality in the world, but many of the authors want too much.

I'm Julian

ASSANGE: Ultimately, it is about the right and moral duty to expose war crimes.

The filmmaker against the system

Mohammad Rasoulof: The man against the current

: Mohammad Rasoulofs The Man Against the Current is far clearer and more direct in his critique of the system than is usually seen in Iranian film.

From ballerina to "terrorist"

: Erdoğan's original

: The Norwegian Writers' Association's Freedom of Expression Award has just been awarded to Aslı Erdogan – who more than any other author has become the symbol of the catastrophic development in today's Turkey. She refuses to give in despite persistent harassment, persecution and imprisonment, and still insists that the only solution to lasting peace is through reconciliation.

Illiberal trends in Norwegian media

: Harsh attacks on skeptical dissent and lack of criticism of those in power: Is the mass media helping to restrict freedom of expression? Ny Tid has spoken with media researcher Rune Ottosen and Fritt Ord's director Knut Olav Åmås. 

At Berkeley: Right wing on freedom of speech

: Berkeley University is once again the focus of discussion on freedom of expression. But this time it is the right wing that leads.

Pussy Riot: "We're All Pioneers"

: Censorship can gag, but it can also give art an unintentional explosive power.

Killed in Russian prison?

Andrei Nekrasov: The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes.

: This documentary has received enormous attention – before it was seen. But what reality is hidden?

When freedom of speech becomes war propaganda

: What happens when it is no longer possible to distinguish between news reporting and propaganda? Russian media 'spread of hatred in eastern Ukraine has become an essential part of the war machine. 

Editor with life as effort

: How free is the press in the former military dictatorship? Ny Tid spoke with Myanmar's perhaps most independent newspaper editor who is also critical of Norwegian support.