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Warlords' post-democracies

Anders Themnér (ed.): Warlord Democrats in Africa

: How do African rebel leaders succeed politically after the conflicts have subsided? Ten African researchers have looked at the case.

Security for sale

Paul Higate and Mats Utas (eds.): Private Security in Africa. From Global Assembly to Everyday

: The security agents in Africa contribute to security for some, in certain areas and sometimes, but also mix roles.

The middle class without funds

Henning Melber (ed.): The Rise of Africa's Middle Class Myths, Realities and Critical Engagements

: This is a very solid academic work where all the authors are critical – in some cases very critical – of this understanding of the middle class in Africa

The unpleasant truth

Marielle Debos: Living by the Gun in Chad

: Living by the Gun in Chad is a real find for those who want to understand the political complexity of sub-Saharan Africa.