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Thanks, Trump

Call Them by Their True Names: American Crisis (And Essays)
Forfatter: Rebecca Solnit
Forlag: Haymarket Books (USA)
Call Them by Their True Names sheds light on the ugly truth about the reality we live in after Trump became president. Solnit calls for immediate action – before the planet burns up.

In the political essay collection Call Them By Their True Names (2018) writes American author, historian, activist and feminist Rebecca Solnit (b. 1961) thoughtfully and unfiltered about the US – and world – crisis, in retrospect of Donald Trump's election victory. Solnit believes we can change our dystopian world by changing the history and language we describe it with – by "calling them by their true names".

Donald Trump, "the most mocked man in the world", is the protagonist of Call Them By Their True Names. For each essay I read, the link between Trump and The Women's March will be January 21, 2017, the metoo movement in the USA in the autumn of 2017, and the awarding of this year's Nobels. . .

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