That "everyday" was the theme for LitFestBergen, explains the festival manager Teresa Grøtan such:

- When we bounced the champagne after the festival ended last year, I suggested the theme of this year's festival: weekday. We examine the concept from a political, literary, artistic, historical and scientific point of view, and have therefore had "everyday life" as a clue – but not coercive jersey, from the very beginning of the work on this year's program.

LitFestBergen was arranged for the first time last year, to a panegyric reception by the press and the public. This year, the festival has writers like Khaled Khalifa from Syria and Mazen Maarouf from Lebanon, Anna Fiske, Frode Grytten, Kjersti Bjørkmo og Pedro Carmona-Alvarez from Norway and Jason Y. Ng from Hong Kong.

I hope people who come to hear something familiar and dear end up going for something
new and special!

Grøtan talks about some of the choices for this year's festival:

- We didn't choose syria, but the author Khalifa. We chose him because "death" combined with "everyday" can describe his latest book project, which also comes in Norwegian just before the festival: Death is a struggle – a fantastic title. How does one live in war everyday?

As for Hong Kong, we were interested in the city, because it. . .

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