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The rawness of silence

WAR / The barbarism of the West came from the "free world" itself. Because it was silent

By Sigurd Evensmo

The so-called "post-war period" constitutes an almost unbroken chain of limited but frightening wars and abrupt superpower confrontations (Middle East, Cuba) that confronted us with the possibility of the Third World War.

In recent months, there has been no panic in our "free world", on the contrary, a great relief over the so-called relaxation during Nixon's visits to Beijing and Moscow. And yet we are some who in this spring and summer have experienced the most outrageous period in the entire post-war period. And not least because so many other people thrived in their peace or were completely engrossed in, for example, the bloodless battle for Norway and the EEC.


Some of us have felt the American genocide in Vietnam as the most barbaric war crime of recent times, and we have seen Nixon as a greater war criminal than Hitler.
The victims in Vietnam are estimated at a few million. More the expression a few million. One can not even figure out the nearly exact number of hundreds of thousands of human lives.
In the Third Reich, Himmler and Eichmann organized the industrial assassination. . .

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