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Cartoonists are being killed for US criticism

If you joke about the Iraq war or Christianity, you can get Western fundamentalists by the neck.


[satire] It's a very ordinary day at the home of the cartoonist Ted Rall. He is well accustomed to threatening e-mails and telephones because of his political comics, but this day is a raucous bunch of New York firefighters outside the door.

- They tried to break through the door to attack me, Rall tells Ny Tid.

It rained to the firefighters because of a series in which Rall suggested that the heroes of September 11 were a new upper class among New York's public servants. Rall is a satirist with great powers as a weapon and in his vision of the future from 2011 had drawn parallels between firefighters and dictators in the Third World. In the series, firefighters swim in dollar gifts and drive to fire places in their own limousine, but Rall had not dreamed that it would provoke so he got threatening firefighters pounding on the door. However, American toes have become long

after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

- I am constantly threatened because of my drawings, and this has only increased after the political climate in the US moved. . .

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