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Think globally

While the left side collapses in the battle for the nation-state, the right-hand side controls the WTO and the EU alone.


[27. October 2006] Globalization is high on the agenda this autumn. The globalization conference last weekend was a moderate success, the Swedish debate around the national and global left has reached the border, and in November the first conference is arranged which aims to bring together a Norwegian global left. Attac has published the debate book Economic Apartheid. The world order of neoliberalism, in healthy competition with Halvor FinessTretvoll and Thomas Hylland Eriksen's Cosmopolitics. Morgenbladet, Ny Tid and Klassekampen have contributed with a debate on supranationality and globalization.

At times, the debate seems like another marginal discussion that neither serves nor means anything to anyone on the right. . .

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