Theater of Cruelty

Theory and practice


"What are we doing? with the power we have gained? ” asks Leiv Ellingsen in Ny Tid 16.12.05. He believes that it is a good use of force to ensure that pupils in primary school who often struggle with a theoretical everyday life will have even more theory – at the expense of what is of practical measures in school.

It is of course the case that a compulsory German, French or the like is introduced. – then the students lose the offer of practical project work, which is the current variant of a practical alternative to foreign languages. Today, students can choose between theory and practical work. Leiv Ellingsen wants an end to this.

So his question about why a socialist left party should be for them to just learn English is a rhetorical derailment and a blow under the belt against a party that has a commitment to a group of young people – an estimated one-fifth of the student body – who want more practical chores. Can Leiv Ellingsen rather tell us how he wants to facilitate more practical education in primary school?

For the so-called knowledge lift creating more school losers is not worth more than the paper it is written on.

Karl Einar Fjellheim, also SV veteran… Group leader for SV in Asker municipal council and teacher at Borgen youth school in Asker.

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