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The terrorist campaign against Twin Towers – a gift to the NSA

A Good American
Regissør: Friedrich Moser

SEPTEMBER 11 / Overwhelming government-level corruption in the United States and a global attack on democracy: Friedrich Moser's documentary A Good American serves important "alternative facts".

Nowadays, it's strange to hear high-ranking FBI officials declare publicly in court that a man like Donald Trump has never been monitored. After all, Trump is one of the key players in today's development of the global surveillance situation.

When statements like these are a daily occurrence in a lot of mainstream media, it's good that there are still a modest number of documentaries that speak a whole different language: films that present different views on things and things than what many official statements would have us believe . Then one can of course ask how important a handful of such documentaries, seen by a limited audience, really are. Can they even be compared to the reality created in today's mass media?

Austrian Friedrich Moser has examined a material that no American documentary filmmaker could have imagined. . .

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Dieter Wieczorek
Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

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