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Throughout history there are many examples of how military resistance movements from being called terrorists gradually in people's consciousness emerges as liberation movements.

In Algeria, the world press and the French government hammered on the fact that the national front operated solely terror. The political goals the front stood for were concealed. Only when they reached a point where the French oppression and the broad base of the liberation front could no longer be withheld, the press and broadcast step by step began to describe a legitimate political movement. It didn't go fast. The self-reliant did not have to give the impression that they were wrong. The pieces that made the pattern fit together appeared over a very long time.

Western press and broadcasting similarly emerged in the attitude of the FNL in Vietnam. Here, they faced a difficult task because the demands and practices of the liberation front immediately had a strong impact in world opinion. But the opinion monopoly tried. Americans' involvement turned into war, Vietcong to FNL.


Israel and the Jewish people have a history that can both be recognized and used. It is absurd to see the political situation the Middle East and Africa over the last decade today without historically finding the basis for Israel's steep stance. But it is even worse to use the Jewish history of suffering to defend the violence and oppression that the State of Israel is practicing today.

These days, the Norwegian press and broadcast on the word liberation movement sniffle at the Palestinian guerrillas, move back and content themselves to warn Israel of a policy that can "overturn the balance in the Middle East" and "lead to direct confrontation between the great powers". Although the conditions are in place to stamp out Israel on assailants and oppressors, the time is not yet ripe for the mass media to tell the public the truth of what is going on.

News reports continue to dominate Arab terrorists throwing and detonating bombs. This happens without asking why they do it. The guerrillas are still terrorists.

Now we are at a turning point. Daily news reports on Israeli bomb attacks on civilian and military targets far inside Egypt are accompanied by statements by the UN Human Rights Commission, which clearly states that Israel has violated #Geneva Convention. The wall is about to crack.

war State

The time has come to ask the question of who is a terrorist. It is the Israelis who, according to an official expert group on behalf of FN has examined the circumstances on the basis of testimony and concluded that several
Arab villages in the occupied territories are wiped out, or are they organizing resistance to defend themselves against such abuses? Bomber , ypt Tel Aviv? It seems that the Israeli bombing policy against military and civilian targets is close , iro continues. The worst result so far was when the bombs hit a metal plant and killed 70 workers. 100 wounded.

At the same time, the Prime Minister is appealing #Golda Meir# respecting the ceasefire agreement. Israel will not even discuss the UN resolution on withdrawal from the occupied territories. It is being bombed and required moderation and negotiation with the Arab states at the same time. Who are terrorists? Is it the guerrillas who face military force and napalm bombs on a daily basis or is it the state of war in Israel?

By John E. Andersson

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