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Thai women marrying western men

Heartbound Directors
Regissør: Janus Metz Sine Plambech
(Danmark )

THAI WOMEN: Finding a spouse from the West does not necessarily mean the end of all life's problems.

In the early 90's married
Thai Sommai with a Danish man and then moved to the north
part of Denmark. At the time, she was the only Thai woman in the area.
But in the course of 25 years, she has not only created a new life there, she has also
made himself known as a kind of Kirsten Giftekniv, who has helped hundreds of
other Thai women finding Danish partners.

For a long time, directors Janus Metz and Sine Plambech have made a significant effort to understand not only who these women are, where they come from and what issues they face, but also the reason why many of them dream of a Western spouse. Heart Bound (2018) is the very crown of this work – the film gathers threads between each of the stories, which is revealed over more than a decade. For Heart Bound the directors have also directed Love on Delivery (2007) – a film about Thai women who married Danish men in the countryside, a phenomenon that had already become a trend – while Ticket to Paradise followed in 2008. The latter gives an insight into the causes of many Thai women's dream of marrying someone from the West.

Love or pragmatic arrangement?

Marriage between a Thai woman and a Western man of the type that is not exactly what Western women associate with a "Prince Charming", is often looked down upon here in the West, and few Western women will probably hardly understand. . .

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Bianca-Olivia Nita
Nita is a freelance journalist and critic for Ny Tid.

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