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That talk is taboo

Regissør: Ziad Doueiri

When Lebanese-born Ziad Doueiri embarked on his new film, he considered it very likely that the Lebanese authorities would ban the film because of its controversial content.  

The outspoken filmmaker Ziad Doueiri has never been afraid to be controversial. In his latest feature film insult he is based on a seemingly insignificant incident in which a few words from a Palestinian to a Christian in Lebanon are brought to justice. The case is also gaining a lot of attention in the media and the population, as it plunges into "an old wound that was never healed": bloody events during the civil war of the 70 century, and it still inflamed relations between Christians and Palestinians in the country.  

“When we wrote the script, we had no political or social message. We had a History – about a conflict between a Christian. . .

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Aleksander Huser
Huser is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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