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The Nobel Prize for Chaplin 

The time is not "in" to give Chaplin the Nobel Peace Prize – it's a shame he hasn't received it long ago.

Charles Chaplin: My life
Translated by Odd Bang-Hansen, 455 pages, Cappelen publishing house, 1964

7. October 1964 

I have grabbed so few books so excitedly – and a couple of the causes are up today. In the history of civilization, no other artist has reached out to all the people of the world like Charles Chaplin, and to this, the reader who is over 50 years, has been able to follow the evolution of this entire adventure in his own lifetime, step by step, from the first , the simple fathers of sublime art with the message of humanity to the millions. I even saw Chaplin's first 1 and 2 acts around 1920, and through 40 his films became something far more than isolated, illuminating experiences in cinema – they came to be a pretty significant part of spiritual baggage. And then, finally having between his hands his own story!

After all that was written about him by others – and it has become a sizable pile over the years – many questions about the artist and man's Chaplin have been waiting for answers that perhaps only he himself could provide. With the greatest excitement, I looked forward to his own answer to this question:

How could it be that Chaplin, after being idolized by the American people as by everyone else for decades, had to move from the United States in 1952 – formally voluntary, effectively displaced as a social enemy, or almost swept out like a creep by a wave of hatred and contempt? 

The answer is one so wonderful chapter of modern cultural history that I want to gather the mention of Mitt. . .

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