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Has the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority stuck its head in the sand?

DEBATE: Several state expert committees in other European countries conclude with real risk of harmful effects.

It surprises me to read that Lars Klæboe and the Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (DSA) is obviously not aware that several government expert committees in other European countries conclude that there is a real risk of harmful effects of wireless technology below our limit values.

Is the radiation protection administration not obliged to get acquainted with this? Has the DSA had its head in the sand in recent years?

An example is the Swiss state The BERENIS Committee, which recently concluded that even weak electromagnetic fields (EMF) can lead to changes in the oxidant balance (oxidative stress), and that this can potentially lead to serious health damage in children and vulnerable groups. The committee states that the majority of the studies find that the exposure to weak EMF is linked to a significant degree of oxidative stress.

Previously showed a public French expert committee to possible detrimental effects on children's cognitive and mental health, based on findings in several studies. Among other things, they recommended that children's exposure to mobile telephony is reduced. Disturbing findings in a number of published studies on animals and humans are the background for that France and other other countries has introduced restrictions on the use of wireless technology (WiFi) in kindergartens and schools and that some countries have much lower limit values. This is of course relevant, even if the DSA tries to portray it as unimportant.

In Norway, we unfortunately have a radiation protection that is based exclusively on sources dominated by a small clique of professionals and consultants related to the private German. . .

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Ingrid Wreden Kåss
Wreden Kåss is a writer and has a master's degree in philosophy from UiO, as well as a bachelor's degree in library and information science.
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