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The Norwegian forces in Iraq

This winter, the debate over whether Norway should send troops to Iraq or not break, or at least it should have. Most people have come to terms with the cruel ravages of ISIL and want to stop them, but there has been remarkably little discussion about choosing strategies to achieve this.

In response to the progress of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the summer of 2014, various states began to intervene in the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq, and later also in Libya. In August, the United States began forming an international coalition against ISIL. Norway joined this in October. The mission has neither a UN nor a NATO mandate, but the Iraqi government has asked for help, and a coalition has been formed against ISIL consisting of over 60 countries and organizations led by the United States, in which Arab countries also participate. It was decided that around 120 Norwegian soldiers would be sent to Iraq, but the Ministry of Defense now states that the Norwegian force will eventually consist of a total of. . .

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