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The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority's "recognized" institutions

CHRONICLE: Do the authorities overlook research in the field of radiation protection? For example, damage from the pulsation of the AMS meters – or damage from weak electromagnetic fields, such as mobile phone radiation?

When the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority LD criticized for inadequate management of the area of ​​wireless communication, the standard answer is that they follow consensus, WHO and other reputable institutions – and that the radiation is per mille of the recommended limit values. The ongoing the debate in MODERN TIMES is no exception. If you look at the instances and the basis in the seams, you see a reality the radiation protection never comments on.

The ICNIRP Foundation and bodies intertwined with this constitutes the backbone of radiation protection. ICNIRP, which has created the guidelines the radiation protection follows, is criticized for being a closed club that ignores relevant research, and for ties to the telecom industry. Among the many who point this out is the journalist network Investigate Europe and the 255 international radiologists who support EMF Scientist Appeal, including a former radiation protection professor and expert on WHO's cancer panel IARC, Dariusz Leszczynski.

According to the judge, the radiation from an AMS meter could not possibly be damaged.

WHO's cancer panel classifies the radiation as possibly carcinogenic. When the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority says they "follow the WHO", this means the group EMF Project, which received great obstetrics. . .

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Torleif Dønnestad
Dønnestad is a system developer.
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