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The Swedish top boss

The Russian Job
Regissør: Petr Horký


It was with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 that the framework of my life suddenly opened. Now we could go back to Prague, my hometown my father had talked about so much through my childhood. As a trained state citizen, I moved to the Czech capital in the autumn of 1990, and by chance I was called one afternoon by the very environment minister Varvoušek. He wondered if he could send me a car and have me shipped over to the ministry immediately. Varvoušek and his team sat with a group of Norwegians around the table in a negotiating room without being able to communicate; the contracts were therefore unsigned on the table. This is how I got my first job, and this is how I got to know the small Norwegian business community that specializes in heavy industry in Eastern Europe.

Naive. I was a blue-eyed optimist and thought it was hardly possible to pronounce words like "Norwegian" and "corruption". . .

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Margareta Hruza
Hruza is a Czech / Norwegian filmmaker and regular critic of Ny Tid.

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