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The art from the other side

Is it possible to build a new and completely different society than what lacks empathy? Last year we lost a unique voice in the Norwegian art landscape, which spoke to us from an alternate reality.

"Be chaste and pure," the Aztec culture seems to announce from its grave, and "also be virgin." Such words do not sound good among the people of progress today. If the words nevertheless resonate with someone – to the extent that you see the necessity of a turnaround for themselves and others – then a possible urge to opt out. Simply punch holes in this world and crawl out of it, find another life sentence; see that the grass is much greener on the other side, and move there before our own grass disappears.
One must take the liberty, as it is so politely called, to break through to the other side – with the renunciation and the sorrow that follows in the wake of such a grip. Over there awaits the other, the one who lets me know that it is not me who decides, but that someone, or something, calculates my steps on Earth. There, on the other hand, is also art – which has never been human. . .

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Lars Øyno
Theater director and writer. See also Theater of Cruelty or Wikipedia

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